It is said that somewhere deep in the dark foothills of Missouri lives a creature so dark no one dares venture in his territory. 

Until one day, an unwilling soul - did. What would happen next defies all logic and reason. 

Animal's pain runs deep, his depravity is endless. The mask is off and his true FERAL essence shines through. 

Are you brave enough to enter his domain?


Ever wonder how the cursed Queen became ... well... cursed?This is a world where your favorite fairy tale is evil, and the good guys don't always win.Enter the dark castle and journey through the stone corridors to discover the truths that were hidden from you as a child.Are you brave enough to take a bite of something dark and wicked? Journey through the depths and then decide... was that morsel of apple worth it.




Emery LeeAnn & Yolanda Olson

One day, we awoke to find that the world had stopped turning and the sky had turned to ash.

The streets are quiet, and even the birds have stopped singing.

It can’t be just us because we’ve lived through so many more horrors than anything that could possibly be outside of these walls.

Being alone would be even crueler than still being with her.

We know that there have to be more survivors.

We’ll find them because our supplies are running low.

The world may be crumbling down around us, but we’ll do what’s necessary to go on.

But how much consumption does it take before we finally free ourselves?