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Kidnapped and ripped from a life of brutality, thrown into a life of depraved pain and learning the real meaning of family.

My brother is the evil incarnate, and I am molded by his hands. He has taught me every twisted desire I hold dear. My only goal is to please him. 

Do not think you know what happens behind closed doors because the truth will not set you free- it will only rip your insides out. 

Family ties can be deadly, but is it wrong I enjoy the pain?

I am an Iniquity- a wicked act or thing because that is what pleases him.

My legacy runs deep in the scars of my soul. I was the forgotten one. Unknown by anyone in my family - my real family. 

Stolen at birth from my drug addicted mother, I never got to grow up with my twin sister Eve. Why I was taken and she was left behind, I will never know, nor will they be able to tell me, that I made sure of.

Knowing some integral piece of me was missing - I went searching. Where my search led me to, was her crumpled dead body, wasted without ever having our connection.

The family of men I was kin to, were used to servitude from their women. They should've thought first before they broke my sister, throwing her away like a rag doll. Now they will meet their next generation, and the fury that comes with it.


My sister Taylee and I swore when we were children that when we grew up, we would get out of the life we were born into.


The truth was, Taylee deserved all the hell that was wrought upon her. She watched as momma and daddy did their dirty deeds on my frail body. I saw the gleam in her eye as they put me away each night in the roller.


Now we are older, and have survived our past. Taylee left the first chance she got, leaving me to suffocate and die in that crawl space.


But death is the new rebirth - Welcome to our family.

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